Animal Trapping & Rodent Control

Animal Trapping & Rodent Control 


At All Service we specialize in all humane animal trapping and removal. We do animal trapping and removal in Guadalupe, Comal, Hays, Bexar, Gonzales and Caldwell counties. All of our technicians are expertly trained in all aspects of urban wildlife. We use nothing but the top of the line cutting edge methods to successfully solve any animal related issue with minimum risk or complication to your home. At All Service we take pride in our work and making sure that every customer is fully satisfied before completion of our jobs.

In addition to animal trapping and removal we also offer home repairs, attic restoration, deodorizing and disinfecting of contaminated areas as well as many other services. We pride ourselves in being your one stop shop for all of your home needs. Call today for a pest free tomorrow @ 830-556-9407 or check out our other locations

Central Texas Opossums are the only North American marsupial (related to kangaroos). The opossum is a whitish or grayish animal about the size of a house cat. Its face is long and pointed with rounded and no hair on their ears. Its tracks look as if they were made by little human with a bent thumb.
Opossums prefer to live near water. They den in the burrows of other large animals. As well as trees and in brush piles along with under structures, decks and buildings. Occasionally, they move into attics and garages. They eat nearly everything, from insects to fruits to grains, garbage.

All Service uses live traps, we also provide animal exclusion, animal removal, and odor control. We can also repair any damages created by these unwanted critters.

Rodent Control

First of all, mice and rats are treated differently. Depending on the conditions and infestation, the treatment will vary. The technician will need to do a thorough inspection and then, advise on the best way to solve the problem.

Exterior (if needed)

We will first, inspect to find out where rodents are gaining access to the structure. Then, we will advise and offer exclusion services. If exterior treatment is needed, we will apply bait stations strategically placed to provide a barrier before entry to the structure is gained.


Again, depending on conditions and infestation, we will use a variety of snap traps , glue boards and/or toss packs.


Snap Traps, Glue Boards, Bait Stations & Toss Packs


The one time service is guaranteed for 30 days. We also offer a quarterly service where we come out every 90 days and all recalls are free in between the regularly scheduled service. Mice are covered in the quarterly program. Rats are not covered in quarterly program.

Trap Monitoring

We will depend on you to monitor the traps. But, we will return to remove trapped rodents and reset traps for time set forth by technician.

Bait Station Monitoring

There will be a monthly or quarterly service charge for this service.
 Ring Tailed Cat
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